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What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of creating balance and harmony in any space, home or office environment. When you have balance in your living and working environments, you will feel more at ease and your life will run more efficiently. Feng shui is a process of nurturing your chosen space and may involve shifting furniture, adding natural elements and conducting blessings to create a greater sense of comfort, harmony and spaciousness. In short, make your home or office a place where you enjoy being!

Feng Shui: Services

Benefits of Feng Shui

Increased wealth and finances
Improved sleep
Enriched career and work
Enhanced creativity
More meaningful relationships
Improved health
Increased overall happiness

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A feng shui cure is a remedy that sets your intention. Some cures may include using a particular color in a specific area, moving furniture or adding objects, such as artwork, crystals or plants—all of which will help the energy flow of your space.

There are many choices for cures, so you can pick those that match your decor and style. Creating a harmonious quality of energy makes it much easier to make the positive changes you desire.

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Home Consultation

During a home feng shui consultation the basic design of your home will be addressed as well as a broad view of life issues. These could include finances, relationships, health, career, fun and creativity, to name a few. During the consultation, we will walk through your home and discuss any areas specifically needing assistance, possible cures and how to implement them. Sessions generally last two hours and include a full bagua assessment.


Office/Business Consultation

Similar to a home visit, and office/business consult generally lasts one to two hours, depending on the size and space. We begin by discussing the areas of work environment which are causing concern. Then we will walk through the space and look at the different areas that may need adjustments, or “cures.”  If your space is a store front, we will also look at the exterior and signage. Many times, businesses need space clearing to move stuck energy.


Space Clearing

Sometimes energy can be "stuck" no matter how things are moved around.  The result can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home or office, cause problems sleeping and even affect the success of your business. I offer exterior and interior space clearing, or chi adjustment. Space clearing can help move stuck energy, creating a space that feels more comfortable, livable and workable.


Home Staging

Help your home stand out!  Applying feng shui to staging to your home can increase the appeal of your home and help it sell more quickly. During a staging consultation, we will walk through your home and discuss ideas of how best to arrange furniture, "de-clutter" and add accents, if necessary. An excellent first impression can be the difference of having your home sell quickly rather than sit on the market for months.

Feng Shui: Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Feng Shui: FAQ

Will I need to buy anything?

I can generally work with what you already have. In order to create optimal harmony and balance in a particular room, you may choose to purchase additional objects, such as crystals or new decor. These items are often inexpensive and I can assist you in selecting and purchasing them.

Can you help me implement the cures?

Yes! While the cures are easy to implement on your own, I am very happy to assist you after the initial consultation. Often there is time to do one or two during the initial consult.

There are so many types of feng shui, how do I know which one is the right one?

My belief is that there is no one best school of feng shui. Any change can create good energy and positive feng shui. My training is from in the Black Sect Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In this school, the environment and your intentions are key factors in creating successful changes. Please feel free to ask more about this school of feng shui.


Recent Testimonials

Feng Shui: Testimonials
MainWheel_60x60px copy.jpg

Julie is amazing!  I was experiencing a slow time in my business when Julie visited and applied some feng shui.  We reconfigured the space and added small items that made it look and feel better.  Ever since, business has been booming! Julie is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make improvements in their home or office!

– Kim Mattei, Arvada, Colorado

MainWheel_60x60px copy.jpg

I truly enjoyed working with Julie to feng shui my home.  She really took the time to listen to what I needed help with and intuitively came up with some ideas that I would have never thought of on my own.  I had many decorative items in my house which were given to us by my mother-in-law.  Not only were these items not really my style, I felt like I had to keep them because she would be upset if she didn’t see them.  In a way, Julie gave me permission to get rid of these items, making room for decor that I truly loved.  Once I made a few small changes, I realized how much of my mother-in-law's energy had been lingering in the house.  While I love her dearly, I definitely felt better in my home, feeling like it was just us.

– Jaime Smith, Westminster, Colorado

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